Put the “data” into data-driven instruction for your teachers

Student data is essential for teachers. But how do you share data with teachers in a way that's accessible and actionable?

Schoolytics is the one tool that allows you to push data out to the classroom level, with actionable insights and communication tools built in for teachers.


Formative Assessments

Track student progress

See data from formative assessments and platforms like IXL to get more insights, earlier in the year, on how students are doing and whether they are mastering standards as expected. That way, teachers know what to reteach, and how to group students based on varying levels of content mastery.

Homework & Assignments

Increase assignment completion

Teachers use LMS data in Schoolytics to track assignment completion and send reminders to students. Built-in communication tools help teachers build relationships with students and families to boost how much homework students turn in.


Early Warnings

Intervene early

LMS data provides excellent opportunities to identify disengaged students before they fall too far behind, and before they get a low grade or assessment score. Teachers and intervention specialists can work in partnership with students and families to get kids back on track. Schoolytics has automated monitoring systems that identify disengaged students across the organization to give you a heads up when student engagement is predicted to fall.

Meade County High School Case Study

Read how Meade County High School students collectively completed 70,000 more assignments in the 2022-23 school year compared to the previous year, after their school adopted Schoolytics. 

Meade - case study - cover - v1

Schools & Districts

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