How Teachers Use Schoolytics

A teacher’s guide to Schoolytics.

Thousands of teachers use Schoolytics to make data-driven decisions and take faster action based on trends in student performance. 

Get more out of Google Classroom.

Teachers love that Schoolytics transforms their Google Classroom data into actionable insights for personalized instruction, faster grading, and better communication with students and guardians. 

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Turn your classroom data into a dynamic to-do list.

Tackle your grading, collect missing assignments, identify disengaged students, and celebrate successes based on real-time data. 

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Get more done with reused and shared assignments.

No more reinventing the wheel. With the Schoolytics workspace, you can reuse assignments from last school year and share assignments with colleagues effortlessly.

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Generate progress reports in no time.

Turn your Google Classroom data into share-ready progress reports with just a few clicks. 

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