Boost student success by engaging with families through data

Parents and guardians want to know how their children are progressing, and what they can do at home to support learning. Give your parents and guardians more tools to engage with teachers.

Students want to know how they’re doing too.

Help them all track academic progress, and help your teachers have richer and more meaningful conversations with students and families about learning challenges and successes. 


Parent & Guardian Portal

When parents can see their children’s work and progression, they can better support student learning at home. With Schoolytics, they can access live reports, automated alerts, and study resources to help students get work turned in on time. The platform is available in Spanish and French (with more languages available upon request). 

Student Portal: a personal homework helper

Students are excited to engage with their data and are eager to set goals on assignment completion. Help them get a view of their progress that is simpler than the LMS and more detailed than their profile in the SIS. Access to Schoolytics data helps them build executive function skills and improves assignment completion.


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