Use data to drive decisions, set goals, and track progress across your district or school

Student data is essential for administrative teams. Whether you are measuring student proficiency by subgroups, tracking chronic absenteeism, or using data to support your multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), having robust data infrastructure is essential. But with spreadsheets and data located in so many places, it's often not practical to implement a coherent, consistent use of data for teachers and administrators.

Learn how thousands of educators use Schoolytics to monitor and improve student outcomes.


Formative Assessments

Track student progress

See data from formative assessments and platforms like IXL to get more insights, earlier in the year, on how students are doing and whether they are mastering standards as expected. That way, you can take action to intervene or invest in change in time to make the difference. Stop waiting for the end-of-year state test scores to tell you what happened in the year prior.


Evaluate interventions

Find out which interventions are happening and for which students, and determine if they’re working or not for individual students and across schools and districts. Schoolytics makes this analysis feasible because you can finally connect the interventions with student outcomes across a range of dimensions: attendance, assessments, homework, and more. Use a comprehensive set of data to measure impact and effectiveness.

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Monitor chronic absenteeism

Chronic absenteeism is a significant challenge in schools. Get more insight into which students are chronically absent and why. Track at-risk students across schools and find trends at the district, school, and individual student levels. With comprehensive student profiles, diagnose absenteeism's cause for every student. 

Equity & Student Subgroups

Evaluate equity

Get the data you need to measure homework gaps, attendance gaps, and achievement gaps for any groups in your district. Go beyond test scores in your evaluation of student performance through the lens of equity.


Early Warnings

Intervene early

LMS data provides excellent opportunities to identify disengaged students before they fall too far behind, and before they get a low grade or assessment score. Teachers and intervention specialists can work in partnership with students and families to get kids back on track. Schoolytics has automated monitoring systems that identify disengaged students across the organization to give you a heads up when student engagement is predicted to fall.


Measure edtech ROI

See how much teachers and students are using various edtech apps in their in-classroom and homework assignments, and finally get the information you need to decide whether to add more professional development or make strategic abandonment decisions for your software.


Portland Public Schools Case Study

Learn how Portland Public Schools leveled up their ability to track attendance accurately with Schoolytics.

The district was struggling to get the right attendance numbers with their SIS. Their customized queries became difficult to maintain and share across their district. 

Schools & Districts

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