Dynamic Report Builder

Dive into data with our dynamic Report Builder. Tailor your reports by selecting from a variety of dimensions and measures, allowing you to view your data through the lens that best suits your needs. Whether you're tracking academic achievements or monitoring attendance patterns, our editor provides the flexibility and depth required to uncover valuable insights.

Schoolytics Explore Mode

Assemble comprehensive dashboards

Assemble reports, integrate diverse data sources, and build detailed student profiles—all in one place. This feature enables schools to construct a holistic view of student performance, behavior, and progress.

Schoolytics Dashboard Editor
Discover deeper insights with drill-downs

Explore data with depth

Drill-down into data like you always dreamed. Our interactive visualization layer allows you to peel back the layers of your data, providing a granular view of the information that matters most.

Schoolytics Drill-Down Sample
Explore data like never before

Swiftly navigate from high level trends to individual students with the most powerful data tool built just for education.

Student level drill-down

Rapidly generated lists of students needing support and view individual student profiles.

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