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Get access to critical data on student engagement with just a few clicks. Schoolytics offers free accounts for individual teachers. For districts, schedule a demo with our team to learn more about we can help you build your own Student Data Platform.

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Schoolytics connects directly to your Google Classroom account in just a few seconds, requiring no additional setup.

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Schoolytics connects with your Student Information System, Learning Management System, and assessment tools to provide actionable insights for staff across your organization.

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Data made actionable

Our rich data dashboards combined with action oriented tools will help you seamlessly go from information to action.

Data Dashboards

Our intuitive, but powerful data dashboards will help you track grading progress, engage students missing homework, and track learning trends in your classroom.

Student Documentation

The Student Notes feature will allow you to document efforts made to engage and support with students.

Student and Guardian Access

Give students agency over their own learning and engage parents with their own view of data

Collaborative Workspace

Use our collaborative workspace to build out curriculum, tag with labels and learning standards, and measure outcomes for curriculum.