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Thousands of teachers using Google Classroom also use a free Schoolytics account to make data-driven decisions and take faster action based on trends in student performance. Save time trying to find and use data from Google Classroom with our amazing data and communication tools.

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Teachers love that Schoolytics transforms their Google Classroom data into actionable insights for personalized instruction, faster grading, and better communication with students and guardians.

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Teachers love Schoolytics

Take your classroom to the next level with our teacher tools.

Turn your classroom data into a dynamic to-do list

Tackle your grading, collect missing assignments, identify disengaged students, and celebrate successes based on real-time data.

Get more done with reused and shared assignments

No more reinventing the wheel. With the Schoolytics workspace, you can reuse assignments from last school year and share assignments with colleagues effortlessly.

Generate progress reports in no time

Turn your Google Classroom data into share-ready progress reports with just a few clicks that you can show to students and parents. 

Communicate with more students in less time

Send students personalized assignment reminders and high fives based over email or directly in the Google Classroom annnouncement stream.

Join our Certified Trainer Program

We are building a community of teacher advocates. The Schoolytics Certified Trainer program recognizes educators who are passionate about data and familiar with how Schoolytics can support teachers to measure, monitor, and manage student engagement. Schoolytics Certified Trainers receive support from Schoolytics to share their expertise about how to use Schoolytics effectively in schools.

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When teachers use Schoolytics, their students are more successful

Guided by our expertise in data analytics, we launched a rigorous research evaluation project to assess our impact in classrooms. With Google Classroom data spanning the academic year, we can observe and measure student engagement before and after teachers start using Schoolytics.

After careful analysis, we find that using Schoolytics has a measurable and statistically significant positive effect on students’ assignment completion rate. More specifically, compared to inactive teachers, teachers who actively used Schoolytics after signup had students with an assignment completion rate that was
5-10% higher.

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Start your journey to better data, more time, and better student outcomes.

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