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Schoolytics is a purpose-built data platform designed to give district leaders and school staff the insights needed to track trends and monitor progress on student outcomes.


Connect Data

Schoolytics provides out-of-the-box data connectors to unify data from your key systems, secured in a managed data warehouse, creating a single source of truth on student outcomes. Analyze data on attendance, grades, behavior, assessment scores, and more.

Customize Reports

Build reports from our out-of-the-box report library or create customized reports to address your unique needs.

Learn about out-of-the-box reports and customizable dashboards.

Share Live Reports

Role-based permissions enable secure access for everyone in the district. Provide report access to your administrators, teachers, and even students and parents.

Use cases: Assessment and accountability | Curriculum and instruction | Building leaders |  Teachers and coaches | Students and parents

Trusted by innovative districts

Schoolytics is committed to providing hands-on support to help you plan and operationalize your data-strategy. Our team of data science experts are here to be your dedicated partners to help you use data to improve student outcomes.

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student academics, outcomes, and supports.

Unified Data

Turn data into action

Schoolytics brings all of your data sources together on a single platform, so school and district leaders can spend less time wrangling data and more time improving student outcomes. Get data on attendance, grades, assessment scores, and homework trends all in one place.

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Whole Child

Holistic view of the student

Our dashboards go beyond grades and test scores, integrating data on attendance, behavior, and social-emotional wellbeing. By combining depth and breadth of data, in addition to having a multi-year perspective on student growth, Schoolytics creates a comprehensive portrait of a learner.

Whole Child


Streamline your MTSS processes

Schoolytics simplifies the process of supporting students by providing straightforward tools to document and monitor the effectiveness of interventions. Educators can easily set milestones, record observations, and communicate with the support team, making sure every student's needs are met and progress is clearly tracked.


Your Data Advisors

Elevate your educational strategies with personalized advisory services. Our team of data scientists works alongside you, turning complex data into clear, actionable insights for improved student outcomes.

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Monitor and document student supports


Student progress is multi-dimensional, and therefore, your data should be too. The flexible nature of the platform means that you can track academic progress (assessment scores, grades, homework completion, etc.) as well as things like interventions and behavior/discipline.  This is the tool you need to do MTSS in a way that's sustainable and informative. 


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Areas of Concern

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Student Supports

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