What kind of data can you connect with Schoolytics?

Schoolytics integrates key educational data sources, including LMS, SIS, assessment, behavioral, survey, and spreadsheet data, to provide comprehensive analytics and insights about student performance, engagement, and learning outcomes.

Schoolytics is designed to integrate with a variety of educational data sources to provide comprehensive analytics and insights about student performance, engagement, and learning outcomes. Here are the types of data you can connect to Schoolytics:

  1. Learning Management System (LMS) Data: Schoolytics connects with popular Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and more. This integration allows for the aggregation of assignment submissions, grades, participation, and course activity data.

  2. Student Information System (SIS) Data: By integrating with Student Information Systems, Schoolytics can pull in attendance records, demographic information, schedules, and enrollment data to provide a fuller picture of student performance and needs.

  3. Assessments: Schoolytics can incorporate assessments, including formative and summative, to help track student progress over time and identify areas where students may need additional support or enrichment.

  4. MTSS Data: Schoolytics allows staff to monitor which students are in which MTSS tiers, track which interventions are happening for which students, and connect those interventions to student outcomes.
  5. Behavioral Data: Some schools integrate behavioral data, such as disciplinary records, into Schoolytics to help identify patterns and support whole-child education efforts.

  6. Survey Data: Responses from surveys can be uploaded to Schoolytics to gather insights on student well-being, engagement, and perceptions of their learning environment.

  7. Custom Data Sources: Schoolytics also supports the integration of custom data sources. If your school or district collects unique data that can help inform educational strategies, Schoolytics can work with you to incorporate this data into its analytics platform.

The integration of these diverse data sources allows Schoolytics to provide educators, administrators, and stakeholders with a multi-dimensional view of student learning and school performance. By leveraging this data, users can make informed decisions to support student achievement and well-being.

For a list of common integrations, check out the Schoolytics Integrations page.
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Commitment to customization: We build with you

If your district needs data from a platform we have yet to connect with, we’ll build it. Alternatively, you can upload your own data right away with our secure data templates.