What is the cost for Schoolytics?

Tailored Solutions, Transparent Pricing: Customizing Your Schoolytics Experience to Fit Your District's Needs

At Schoolytics, we understand that each school district has unique needs when it comes to managing and interpreting student data. Our pricing model reflects this understanding, offering flexibility and customization to ensure that you receive the services that best fit your district's requirements without overspending.

Custom Pricing for Custom Needs

Our pricing is custom-tailored to accommodate various factors, including:

  • Size of the School District or Organization: Larger organizations may have more complex needs and a higher volume of data to manage.
  • Number of Students: The student population directly impacts the scale of data integration and analysis required.
  • Range of Services: Whether you need our standard integrations for district-wide rollout, or a comprehensive suite of tools including MTSS tools, behavior tracking, and public-facing dashboards, we will work with your team to select the services that meet your needs.

Right-Sized Solutions

We believe in right-sizing our solutions to fit your district's specific needs and budget. Our Student Data Platform offers:

  • Wide Range of Integrations: Ensuring seamless data flow between your existing systems.
  • Managed Data Warehouse: Secure and centralized data storage for easy access and analysis.
  • Flexible Tools: Including monitoring student interventions, individual support plans, and creating internal and public dashboards.
  • Bundled Services: Simplify your data management with a comprehensive subscription that includes everything from data integrations to unlimited user accounts.

Transparent and Consultative Approach

To determine the most accurate and cost-effective pricing for your district, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Consultation: Contact our team for a brief consultation. We'll discuss your specific needs, the challenges you're facing, and what you aim to achieve with Schoolytics.
  2. Tailored Pricing Proposal: Based on our consultation, we'll provide a customized proposal, including price options, with that aligns with your district's size, needs, and budget.
  3. Demonstrations and Sandboxes: We offer demonstrations, custom sandbox environments, and recommended implementation timeline to give you a clear understanding of how Schoolytics can support your district.
  4. Commitment to Success: There's no one-size-fits-all solution to data management. Whether you're looking for a specific set of tools or a comprehensive data management platform, we're here to help you build a strong data culture and embrace data-driven strategies. 

For the most accurate pricing and to start the conversation about how Schoolytics can support your district's data needs, please contact our team directly. Let us help you make data-driven decisions to enhance student outcomes and streamline your data management processes.