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How does Schoolytics assist in building public dashboards?

Schoolytics provides a comprehensive solution for school districts aiming to build a culture of transparency, accountability, and community engagement through the use of public data dashboards.

Schoolytics provides a comprehensive solution for school districts aiming to build a culture of transparency, accountability, and community engagement through the use of public data dashboards. These dashboards not only offer a clear view of the educational landscape but also foster trust and collaboration between districts and their stakeholders.

Here’s a brief look at how Schoolytics approaches the creation of District Data Dashboards, emphasizing community engagement, efficiency, customization, and privacy. 

Simplifying the Process with Schoolytics

Choosing Schoolytics for public dashboard creation offers districts a streamlined, customizable, and secure way to share their data story with the community. By integrating data from multiple sources into user-friendly dashboards, Schoolytics enables districts to enhance community engagement, improve decision-making, and foster an environment of transparency and accountability.

Key Metrics for Public Dashboards

To provide a holistic view of district performance, Schoolytics suggests including a variety of key metrics in public dashboards, such as:

  • Enrollment summaries
  • Academic achievement
  • Student attendance and engagement
  • Equity measures
  • Financial transparency
  • School safety and discipline
  • Parent and community engagement
  • Progress on strategic goals
  • Comparative analysis with similar districts

These metrics serve as a foundation for a comprehensive public-facing dashboard that informs, engages, and facilitates collaboration within the community.

 Building a Data Culture through Community Engagement
  • Engage with the Community: Schoolytics acknowledges the importance of school districts engaging their communities. By sharing key data points publicly, districts can ensure transparency and accountability, fostering trust and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Public Dashboards as Communication Tools: Utilizing public dashboards, Schoolytics makes it easy for districts to communicate the status of various educational metrics to stakeholders, particularly families. This approach allows for a deeper understanding of student performance and district operations.

Effortless Integration and Dashboard Management

  • Seamless Data Integration: By plugging into all district data sources, Schoolytics eliminates the need for manual data transfers or complex integrations, ensuring data accuracy and up-to-dateness across attendance, demographics, assessments, and more.
  • Painless Public Dashboards: With Schoolytics, creating and hosting public dashboards becomes quick and cost-effective. Districts can avoid the extra expense and hassle of employing consultants or other vendors for this purpose.

Customization and Efficiency

  • Tailored Dashboard Creation: Schoolytics empowers districts to create customized internal and external dashboards. This customization ensures that dashboards align with district-specific goals and present data in an engaging and meaningful manner.
  • Maximized Team Efficiency: By taking over the creation and maintenance of public dashboards, Schoolytics allows district teams to focus more on direct student and teacher support, enhancing educational outcomes.

Upholding Privacy and Security

  • Commitment to Data Privacy: Schoolytics places a high priority on data privacy and security, adhering to the highest industry standards. Through robust encryption and access controls, the platform ensures the protection of sensitive student information.

For districts looking to embrace this data-driven approach, Schoolytics stands ready to assist with customizable, secure, and engaging public dashboards. Read more about how district dashboards with Schoolytics help you share your data story with your community.


To explore how Schoolytics can transform your district's data culture and for a demonstration of the platform, consider scheduling a demo with the Schoolytics team.