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Getting Started with your Schoolytics Teacher Account

Onboarding details

First, create your account.

  1. Go to www.schoolytics.com/c/login 
  2. Log in with your Google Classroom credentials
  3. Review the permissions and click Allow

Then, select the Classes from Google Classroom to sync in Schoolytics

  1. Go to the Classes page from the three lines menu
  2. Click the Manage Classrooms button
  3. Select Classes to sync with Schoolytics and press Connect 

How many Classes can I select?

Free teacher accounts are limited to 10 Classes at a time. If you would like to connect to more than 10 Classes, try out our Teacher Pro account or Schoolwide account

Schoolwide teacher accounts can sync an unlimited number of Classes. 

Can I sync my archived Classes?

Yes, you can sync any active or archived Class where you are a teacher or co-teacher. 

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