Understanding your Schoolytics Student Account

What's in the Schoolytics student view?

Schoolytics helps students keep track of work in Google Classroom

Schoolytics is a platform to help you track your academic progress. Schoolytics provides teachers, guardians, and students with real-time access to your Google Classroom assignments and grades online. Your teacher uses Schoolytics to track your progress and communicate with you and your parent or guardian. You can log in to Schoolytics from any browser.

Click here to log in to your Schoolytics Student Account. 

How can Schoolytics help you as a student? 

  • Know what assignments are missing or upcoming 
  • Prioritize what to work on next
  • Set a realistic goal for yourself
  • Celebrate your accomplishments

What can I see in Schoolytics?

Student View Home-3

Missing Assignments

Assignments that have not been turned in and are past due based on the due date in Google Classroom. 

Student Missing Assignments


Upcoming Assignments

Assignments that have not been turned in and are upcoming based on the due date in Google Classroom. 

Upcoming Assignments


Class Summary

Your cumulative class grade, total assignments given, total assignments completed, and percentage assignments completed on time in Google Classroom. 

Classes Student


All Assignments

All your Google Classroom assignments from all your classes. Includes the time turned in (if applicable), due date, points received, assignment status, and maximum points. 


My Classes

All the Classes you have joined as a student in Google Classroom. If your teacher has not connected the class in Schoolytics, the class is not visible to you as a student. Click here to go to your classes and invite your teacher. 

Invite Teacher


Email reminders for yourself with any view in Schoolytics. Turn on alerts to see Missing Work, Upcoming Work, or All Assignments sent to your email. 

Schedule notification

My Account

Your name and email from Google Classroom. Change your role or language. Languages offered include: English, Spanish, French, and Japanese. 

Change language