How to send High Fives to your students

Set goals and send High Fives to students

The High Fives feature in Schoolytics helps teachers send positive notes to students based on their progress in Google Classroom. When students have met a goal that you set together, easily them a High Five message to appear in the Google Classroom stream or in an email. High Fives are personalized and meaningful for students, but with the magic of automation, they take less than 3 minutes to send to all students. 

High Fives

This article describes how the High Fives feature works, how to customize the message, and how to track messages sent to students. 

Sending high fives to students

Teachers can send high fives through the Google Classroom stream and over email. 


How to send high fives

1. Go to the High Fives report in your Teacher Account

  • Default: 85% assignment completion in the last 30 days
  • Optional: adjust the date range, filter by class or group, or adjust the criteria

2. Click Send High Fives

3. Choose the Stream or Email option

high five email

  • Optional: customize the text of the message

4. Click Send

  • You may receive a thank you reply from a student!


Tracking High Five Emails

Missing assignments emails are sent through the organization’s Google Workspace. Teachers can verify the emails were sent to students by checking the “Sent” section of their school email account. 


Questions about High Fives

Will students see each other's High Five announcements in Google Classroom? No, students only see their own High Five message. The announcements are private to each student. 


How can I include guardians in the High Five message? With an Organizational Teacher Account, you can click copy Guardians on any communication, including High Fives, Missing Assignments, and Progress Reports. Request a trial for your school.


Can I customize who gets the message? Yes! The default High Five criteria is 85% assignment completion. You can change the filter to match your classroom expectations.