How to Search and Reuse Google Classroom Assignments in Schoolytics

Save time when reposting assignments with Schoolytics

Scrolling through classes to find assignments to repost can be tedious in Google Classroom. Schoolytics makes it easier to find previous assignments and reuse them across classes. Plus, in Schoolytics, you can see the full assignment description, attachments, and add tags before reusing the assignment!

Search for assignments by keyword

With the Assignment History view, teachers can search the title and description of every Google Classroom assignment in both active and archived classes. Instead of scrolling far back into the previous post history of your class, teachers can use the Schoolytics Workspace to search, edit, and re-assign previous assignments in just a few clicks.

search assignments

Connect archived classes to reuse older assignments

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What's next after assigning work? 

Once you've added assignments to Google Classroom, Schoolytics can help you track student progress on those assignments, too.

Missing Assignments Report

The Missing Assignments report shows students who have not completed work assigned to them within a date range. Use the student drill down to send a message to the student with hyperlinks to their missing assignments. 

ma search

Student Work

The Student Work table shows the status of every assignment for every student. Use this table to see the most detailed information about who has submitted an assignment, what time it was submitted, the number of attachments, and more. 

student work

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