How to create student groups in Schoolytics

Schoolytics enables teachers to create flexible student groups 

Flexible grouping is a key instructional practice that allows teachers to deliver and monitor student work based on data. Schoolytics supports flexible grouping and data-based decisions in several ways. Teachers can:

  • Build student groups with students from across classes, not just within one class
  • Use classwork and assessment data to decide how to build student groups 
  • Monitor student group performance over time

This article shows how to create student groups in Schoolytics and how to use this feature to support instructional planning and teaching. 

Student Group Example

How to create a student group in Schoolytics

On the left navigation rail, click Student Groups

Student Groups

Click Create Group 

Create Group

Name your Group.

Group Name

Add students to your Group. 

Add Students

Save your Group. 

Save group


Your group is saved and visible in any Schoolytics report.


How to monitor work by student group in Schoolytics

Use the Groups filter on any page to view student work from a single group or across multiple groups.


Missing Assignments

The Missing Assignments report shows students who have not completed work assigned to them within a date range. Use the Groups filter to select a subset of students to email their missing assignments. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 8.34.14 PM


The Students table shows summary information about student activity. Use the Groups filter to limit results to specific student groups.

students group table


The Assignments table shows how many students overall have completed work by each assignment. Use the Groups filter to see activity and progress by student groups. 

assignments group

Learning Standards 

The Learning Standards table shows student progress by Learning Standard. Learning Standards can be applied when creating assignments in Schoolytics. Use the Groups filter to see activity and progress by student group.  learning standards group

Need more support on creating and monitoring student work by group?

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