How to create an assignment in Schoolytics

Google Classroom + Schoolytics

1. Go to your Schoolytics Workspace.

My Schoolytics Workspace

2. Click Create Assignment

Create Assignment

3. Add your assignment information, including Learning Standards. 

Create Assignment Page    

Type to search standard (1)

Add Learning Standards in the Tags field. Search your saved learning standards by typing keywords or phrases. Click the link to see the complete standard reference. 


4. Click Add to Classroom to post the assignment in Google Classroom.

Add to Classroom button

  • Choose to assign now, create a draft, or schedule in the future.  

Add to Classroom Options

5. Your assignment is now published in Google Classroom!

Assignment posted to Classroom

How can I track student work in Schoolytics? 

Schoolytics gives teachers quick and easy ways to track student assignments in Google Classroom, either by assignment, student, tag, or learning standard.