Month: September 2022

It’s Time to Ditch the Data Wall

Data walls no longer spark joy. Let’s thank them for their service and usher in a new age of student data insights.

Data-Driven Educators: Vicky Rankin

Schoolytics is shining a spotlight on data-driven educators. This month we recognize Vicky Rankin, middle school science teacher from Texarkana, Texas!

How to Measure PD Efficacy

Gathering and analyzing the data can be a challenge, but measuring PD efficacy is worth it. Read how to structure your evaluation approach.

What is Teacher Pro?

What is Schoolytics Teacher Pro?

For teachers with many classrooms and students, Teacher Pro makes it easier to keep students and families in the loop.

reusing google classroom assignments

A Guide to Reusing Assignments in Google Classroom

Reusing assignments saves you time each school year. Read Alice Keeler’s tips to reusing Google Classroom assignments quickly and cleanly.


How Do You Assess Student Progress?

Technology provides teachers with the tools they need to measure student progress to optimize instruction.

Evaluating and Optimizing Student Performance with Data

Student performance data provides teachers with valuable insights. Discover how to evaluate and optimize student performance using data.

instructional coach data

From “Gotcha” to “I Got You”: How Instructional Coaches Can Empower Teachers With Data

Schools that normalize talking about and embracing struggle, mistakes, and feedback are more likely to build a psychologically safe environment for their educators.